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Download multiple web files to your computer from multiple websites --

Do you have a number of different web files that you want to download at once, and don't want to have to sit there, minute after minute, possibly hour after hour, waiting for the files to download? If this sounds like you, then this software is definitely for you! Simply enter the list of http:// files you wish to download, and this software will do it automatically for you!

  • Easily cut & paste web address of files to download, then click a button! This software will easily download all the files you specify to your harddrive! So let's say you had music tracks, pictures/images that you might want to use, etc, etc -- now all you need to do is cut & paste the links, download, then you can walk away from your computer and come back later, with all the files downloaded!
  • Nice status report, so you have a record of what was downloaded! The software will give you a status report of the files that were downloaded, so that you have it for easy reference and so you can remember which files you downloaded where!
  • Don't lose important files! Great for archiving purposes! If you have your own website or business, then you know how annoying it can be to lose important files. With this software, you can easily with the click of a button download files immediately!
  • Plus much more!

This software is ideal for downloading any number of files from multiple websites, so download this software now and see just how easy it is! Try out the software today for free and see for yourself!

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